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We're very happy to meet you and hope you enjoy(ed) the exhibition!


Anna Bezpala

Head Organiser, Curator, Communication Manager, Researcher

The best way for me to get comfortable in a city is to fill it with stories for myself. Not only those of the present but also those of the past, to vividly feel a sense of continuity. When during Honors we were asked to create our individual projects this was one of the first interests I decided to tap into. Let's say, there hasn't been a moment yet when I regretted it:) 

Second year BA Honors International Communication student at the Hanze UAS

Michal Lyso

Lead Researcher, Co-organiser

Being an international in Groningen I have definitely come across the issues common for international students, such as homesickness, and certain alienation from the culture here, but also instances of discriminatory treatment. With that, it is easy to feel as if we, internationals, are excluded here. So I decided to join this project to help create that partially missing sense of international community, by doing something I love, which is history.


First year BA Honors History Student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Darynka Alieieva


As students, we share the same habitat abroad, despite living in different eras. 

Raising awareness about how the past shapes the present is the mission of modern education. Our stories all form parts of our shared history. Therefore I contributed to this project as an artist.

Second year BA Spatial Design Student at the WdKA Academy Rotterdam

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