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Here you can find sources of further information about the project as well as the resources we have used to begin our searches on the students who have studied at the university in the past. 

We would love it if you were interested in expanding our list, searching for students from your country who studied at the RUG. We promise: the searches are usually rewarding!

Residential Bookcase

Our main resources

Album Studiosorum

This is an almanac of all the students and professors who studied/worked at the university with small additional information pieces about them.


As the records span from the founding of the university to 1915, all of names of the students you see on the "students." page could be and were found there. 

The University of Groningen in the World: A Concise History

A very interesting book by historians Klaas van Berkel and Guys Termeer, which the team used to find context on the centuries in which our students lived as well as general information on the history of the university with a special focus on the internationals. 

Groningen Archives

Groningen Archives were of special help regarding the history of the 20th-century students, largely absent from the Album Studiosorum. We thank the staff of the archives for granting us access to the needed records and their extensive support.

The unconventional

To search for 20th-century alumni the team has also made use of LinkedIn. It appears, if one was to play around with the year settings it became possible to filter the search by the people who graduated from a specific university in a specific year. Once you have found a person of interest, all that is then left is to send them a personalized invite where you concisely explain the purpose of your search. 


More about us

Check out the articles about our exhibition!

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