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managing academic life early

Adam Pisecky from Kranichfeld

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Adam arrived in Groningen in 1626, enrolling in the law study program in June. At that time study curriculums at the university were limited to the classics, and most of the enrolling students chose the programs of philosophy, law, theology, etc. 

The student was admitted "gratis" meaning his fees for study were paid by the university. This was due to Adam being an exile, as he was of the Protestant faith and thus forced to flee his native Czech land due to the religious wars which erupted in the 17th century. The age at which he started his studies, 15 y. o., can seem very uncommon for us, but in fact in the 17th century that was quite a normal time to begin university education, due to the limitations of the system of schooling at the time. 

2 years after starting his program in Groningen, Adam also enrolled in the law program of the University of Franeker, a Northern university nonexistent at the moment. He went on to write a number of influential works related to theology, travel around Central Europe as well as work as a war secretary for some high-ranking Swedish military commanders.

Throughout his travels though Adam remembered dearly his Czech home, grieving about his inability to return and reminiscing on the victories of the Czech past. In his works, the quality of his Latin was remarked to be characteristic of his Dutch education, so we can say his studies in Groningen went with Adam all through the course of his life as well.

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